LAWYERS DIARY - A daily legal diary tailor made for lawyers.

A diary to a litigation lawyer is like that printed instruction to an ikea furniture. You thought you got it, but 9 times out of 10, you will just get yourself confused. A lawyer needs his/her diary.

Day-to-day case diary for young and hip attorneys, lawyers, barristers, legal assistants, legal advisers and pupil in chambers. Look, it even has a cat wearing a bib on the cover. If that is not cute, then nothing are. 

This diary is a year-less diary hence it can be used whenever you need it with out having to buy a new one every year. 

It helps lawyers and attorneys arrange and organize their court cases and client meetings, hence  improving efficiency and time as well as costs management.


LAWYERS CASE NOTATION PAD - Note your cases efficiently.

Lawyers Case Notation Pad is a legal notepad specially designed and tailor-made for ambitious Attorneys, Advocates, Solicitors, Lawyers & Legal Advisors who are involved in legal litigation. 

This special notepad would enable lawyers to quickly annotate and pen down important facts of case and legal notations whenever they go and meet new and potential clients. 

This legal notepad is capable of filling more than 100 cases per book and it is equipped with an easy to navigate and use index to provide reference hence enabling efficient usage of time.